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The Scorpions were a rival Greaser gang of the T-Birds in the first film. They're a gang of juvenile delinquents, possibly also drop-outs, they were led by Leo Balmudo.

The Scorpions were first seen during the Rydell High pep rally and bonfire, when they drove through the football stadium in Leo's 1949 Mercury. Sonny was the first one to spot them, and the rest of the T-Birds prepared in case they were looking for a fight. The Scorpions saw the T-Birds, and Leo angrily shakes his fist at them and they drive off.

They were seen again, driving through a small section of town, driving too fast, on the wrong side of the street, and almost hit a few Rydell students, before speeding off past the Frosty's Palace.

The whole gang is finally seen at Thunder Road, preparing for the big drag race between Leo and Kenickie. When Putzie carelessly gives Kenickie a concussion, Danny was forced to take over for the race. In the end, Danny won the race, so Leo was forced to give up his car, and because of this Cha-Cha, a total tramp, dumps Leo, and the Scorpions disbanded. Leo switched his transportation method to motorcycles, and eventually founded a new gang of motorcycle riding hoodlums, known as the Cycle Lords.