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Greta McGee is a character in both Grease and Grease 2. She is the strict principal of Rydell High. She was played by the late Eve Arden.


Principal McGee resembles Lucille Ball. She has brown eyes, and brown hair in Grease and auburn hair in Grease 2. She dresses conservatively, and has her hair done up in a tight bun in Grease, or in a large, wide bun in Grease 2.


Principal McGee has a generally stern personality. She tends to be a strict disciplinarian, but tends to forgive minor infractions. Despite her strict personality, she is sometimes willing to boogie on down during Rydell's dance parties, such as the 1959 National Dance-Off.

Before Rydell (fan fiction)[]

Before becoming principal of Rydell High, Greta McGee taught in the Hill Valley school district for ten years. On November 13th, 1955, before she left Hill Valley to become principal of Rydell High, she talked with Gerald Strickland, the hard as nails principal of Hill Valley High school. Gerald described the previous night at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance when new student "Calvin Klein," played a song called "Johnny B. Goode" to Greta. Gerald said the first part of it had a catchy beat, an interesting new sound, and style of music that even made him dance involuntarily. When all of a sudden, Calvin lost his mind and started playing this crazy, loud noise that made Gerald cover his ears until it was done. Greta told him that she wished she could've been there to hear it. She was in luck because they got the whole performance with a home movie camera. Gerald showed her the video, and Greta liked what she saw and heard, until Calvin started going crazy.

Greta never forgot what Gerald Strickland showed her on that video. In 1961-62, during the auditions for the June Moon talent show, Greta was bored to death with some of the acts, such as Stacie and Gracie's performance of Brad (Song) and Brad and the Prep-Tones performance of Mr. Sandman. She thought back to Johnny B. Goode, and thought that Rydell needed talent like that.