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The Drive-In movie theatre is a local and popular place for teenagers from Rydell to go for a date.

Role In Movie[]

After Danny wins the National dance-off with Cha-Cha, who interupted his dancing with Sandy because of a drunk Sonny intervening, and Sandy leaves, heartbroken when she sees Danny dancing with Cha-Cha, Danny tries to make it up to her by bringing her to the Drive-in. Danny tries to comfort and console an unenthusiastic Sandy, who is hesitant to forgive him. Danny attempts to remove his class ring from his finger, but it's stuck. He tries to lubricate it with the grease from his hair. Well, that works, but he also his Sandy's chest in the process. After quietly snickering to himslef, Danny gives his ring to Sandy, and she quickly goes from uninterested to interested. She kisses Danny on the cheek and tells him that him giving his ring to her means a lot to her because she now knows that he respects her. SHe happily goes back to watching the movie, and Danny sits there wondering about what he had just done. Danny makes a pass at Sandy, which causes her run out of the car, slam the door on Danny's crotch, give him back his ring, and leave. Danny feels remorse at what he had done, and sings about his true love for Sandy while walking around the drive-in, (Sandy).

Meanwhile, Rizzo fears that she might be pregnant. The only person she told was Marty, who promised that she wouldn't tell anyone. That didn't last long. The only person she told was Sonny. BIG MISTAKE. As soon as Sonny heard, the story spread like wildfire. When it reached Kenickie, he was willing to help Rizzo raise the baby, but she rebuffed him, telling him that it wasn't his child. Kenickie tries to laugh it off, but hwe is clearly hurt by this, and reprimands her saying, "Thanks a lot, kid," and walks off. Rizzo responds, "Anytime," while regretting what she had just said.


- In the play, the drive-in theatre is called the Twilight Drive-In, but it's never named in the movie.

- All the drive-in scenes were shot at the Pickwick Drive-In in Burbank, CA. But alas, all of southern California's drive-in theaters has closed down, and this one is no exception. The Pickwick drive-in closed in 1989 and was torn down. The space is currently occupied by a suburban shopping center.