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Dolores Rebchuck is a character in the 1982 movie, Grease 2.

Dolores is a freshmen at Rydell High during the 1961-62 school year. She is the younger sister of Paulette Rebchuck of the Pink Ladies, which makes her an unofficial member. She is a Pink Lady "mascot," as she put it, claiming she's working her way up. She aspires to be the leader of the Pink Ladies when she's a senior. She is sometimes called either "Woodchuck" or "Upchuck," which she doesn't like. She is often ignored, looked down upon, spat on, and ordered, bossed, or pushed around by Paulette. She was played by Pamela Segall (now Adlon).

Appearance and Personality[]

Dolores is very cute. She is about 4'10", with dark brown hair usually done in pigtails. She has a chubby face and brown eyes. She often wears a button down blouse with a skirt at school, but with pants when not in school. She is always seen wearing a light pink cardigan sweater.

Dolores is a very ambitious, cocky, brave, bold spirited young lady. She can get pretty sassy when someone makes fun of her, but underneath it all, she's very sweet. She gets her mean, sassy, depressed side from the constant exclusion from activities with the Pink Ladies. She is also very talkative, seen when Michael walks her home. Since she doesn't have a car or a driver's license, she likes to skateboard around town.

Role in Movie[]