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Daniel "Danny" Zuko was a student at Rydell High School, class of 1959. He was the respected leader, and possible founder, of the T-Birds, the Rydell High greaser gang.


Danny is very handsome, with jet-black hair done up in an Elephants trunk, a popular greaser hairstyle, and blue eyes. He is always seen wearing a T-Shirt, tucked into black jeans with a black belt, and black penny loafers with either white or black socks. He is never seen without his black leather jacket with the T-Birds logo on the back. The only exception is towards the end of the movie, when he earns a letterman sweater in track, and wore it to the Rydell graduation carnival in order to win Sandy back. Danny wearing a letterman sweater is a complete shock to the other T-Birds, as well as the rest of the school; however, this didn't last long when Sandy showed up with a greaser chick makeover, which also shocks everyone.


Danny is a genuinely good guy. When he's not in the presence of his fellow T-Birds, he's a very sweet, polite, gentleman; however, when his friends are around him, he acts rude, arrogant, and selfish, but he remains loyal to his friends, especially towards Kenickie. Deep down, Danny has a heart of gold; however, despite this, Danny does have a little bit of a temper, and has no problem getting rough. When Sonny pointed out that the Scorpions drove through Rydell's athletic field during the bonfire, Danny switched from his funny mood to a serious mood, telling the others to be ready, in case the Scorpions were looking for a fight.

When Danny decided to become a jock in order to win Sandy back, he first tries out for the basketball team, when Artie flung the ball at Danny, he warned Artie, "you better watch it." When he was guarding another player, Arnold, he was trying to pass the ball around Danny, but an impatient Danny punched Arnold right in the stomach, ending his basketball tryouts. Next, Danny tried out for the wrestling team, but his partner, Andy, pinned him down, but he let his guard down and Danny sucker punched him with a two-fisted wallop right to the gut. Next, Danny tried out for the baseball team, but when he finally hit the ball, it was a foul ball, and he lost his temper when the umpire made that call. He pulled the umpire's face-mask back, and let it rip, and Coach Calhoun broke up the fight and suggested Danny try-out for the track team, since track has no physical contact.