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Artie Tennyson was a student at Rydell High School, class of 1962, and a character in Grease and Grease 2. He was played by Andy Tennant.


In 1958-59, Artie was a freshmen. He was first seen on the first day of school when he and a greaser, (possibly a member of the T-Birds) pranked another student when the greaser was behind him, underneath his legs, and Artie pushed him over the greaser's back. Artie and the greaser both laugh, low-five, and run off camera.

He was next seen behind the T-Birds when they were listening to Danny burst into a rauchy, overly sexual half of the song, Summer Nights. He later from Bernie Dillard, also a freshmen, that Trixie Andrews, also a freshmen, told him that all the grils, including the Pink Ladies were given a much cleaner, sweeter, more romantic version from Sandy Olsson. He was also present when the T-Birds jammed to Greased Lightnin', a very rauchy song about Kenickie's car, and the fantasy about transforming it into a heap fresh from the junkyard into a beautiful, vicious street rod.

Artie was an athletic freshmen. He was a on the basketball team and was present when Coach Calhoun was letting Danny tryout for the team. Here, Artie got to see the aggressive side of Danny Zuko. He wasn't aware that Danny wasn't very athletic, and quick flicked the basketball at Danny, who caught it, but it hit his abdomen, and Danny warned Artie saying, "You better watch it." After seeing Danny travel with the ball, and Coach Calhoun blows the whistle, he looks amused, thinking, "He doesn't know anything about this game." When Calhoun tried to show Danny that you have to dribble the ball, he lost it, Artie caught it and gave it back to him saying, "Here you go, Coach," and Calhoun thanked him for it. When Arnold stole the ball from Danny, and made his shot, he got the ball back, Artie said, "Get him, Danny." He saw Danny guarding Arnold, and saw him punch Arnold in the stomach.

He was last seen at the end of Grease dancing beside the Shake Shack at the Rydell Graduation carnival, even though he was only a freshmen, during You're The One That I Want.

Grease 2[]

In 1961-62, Artie was a senior, but it's never revealed if he was still on the basketball team or not. He was in Stephanie Zinone's homeroom, and was present when Principal McGee was on the PA, asking anyone who played an instrument to tryout for the Rydell band. Then, she accidentally said overhead, "If you play an instrument, it's better to play with a group, than with yourself," instead of by yourself. That caused Artie, Stephanie, the rest of the class, and most likely the rest of the school, to laugh out loud. This year he was paired off with Sandy Green.