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Andy is a student at Rydell High. He is one of Coach Calhoun's wrestling students. He was played by J. Andrew Kenny, but was uncredited.


Andy has blonde hair, and brown eyes. He is very large (in a muscular kind of way), and tall.

Role in Film[]

Andy was only present in the scene where Danny tries out for the wrestling team. Coach Calhoun introduced Andy as Danny's wrestling partner. Danny saw that Andy is very muscular and about a foot taller than him which scared him when he exclaimed, "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Danny got down and Andy held him. Calhoun blew his whistle, and Andy immediately pinned Danny down, because he the advantages size and experience. Calhoun told Danny he had to try, so they switched positions. Andy got down and Danny held him. On Calhoun's whistle, once again, Andy immediately flipped Danny off and pinned him again, and asked, "Give?" "Yeah, I give," Danny replied defeated. Andy sat back, satisfied, and Danny gave him a surprise sucker-punch 2-fisted wallop to the gut, making Andy double over and collapse. Danny ran off, and Coach Calhoun realized that Danny is "a hitter."


  • It's unknown if Andy was a senior, or an underclassmen.